Every Day in Berlin

The absolute greatest thing about Berlin is the opportunity to do or have something new every day. There is nothing that this city cannot offer and I think that is the reason that I love it here so much.  It seems like Berlin is a city where you absolutely love it or you hate it. And most of the people I have met here are of the former. From the posh shops and trendy cafes of Ku’damm to the eccentric dives of Kreuzberg to the live music on the streets– there is nothing that I don’t love.

What Do You Fancy, Love? Ku’damm – West Berlin

My favourite cafe! It takes me about 35 minutes to get here from my house, but I absolutely love it. Amazing coffee, wholesome food, and constant good vibes. If I could come here every day, I would. Actually I would honestly go here every day, but I do have some self-control.

ABC- Allan’s Breakfast Club and Wine Bar- Prenzlauer Berg

I recently discovered this Aussie inspired-place, but it’s perfect for all day breakfast. It is small inside, perhaps 7 tables, but really REALLY good Eggs Benny. And Bloody Marys. And considering I am from Canada and we drink Caesers (and not Bloody Marys), this is saying a lot.

Rummelsbergsee – Lichtenberg- East Berlin

The lake near my house! It is perfect for running around. A bit of trails and a nice running path. Super chill and every weekend, there are tons of Berliners sitting on the lake side, soaking up the sun.

Teufelsberg – West Berlin

A man-made hill in West Berlin that has a former US National Security Agency listening station on it. After the wall came down and the Germany reunification, Teufelsberg became a magnet for street artists. All the abandoned buildings have graffiti and paintings galore. And as it is one of the highest spots around Berlin, you get killer views of Grunewald, the lakes, and Berlin. Plus, a lot of the art is really good.


And of course there is so much more. Kayaking in the canals, rock climbing at the DAV Zentrum, biking through the cobblestone streets, comedy in dive bars, you name it.


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I'm working on see the entire world, one country at a time…31 down, 165 to go. Currently in Berlin.

1 Comment on Every Day in Berlin

  1. Oh Berlin. Berlin’s right at the top of my list of places I want to visit. A few of my friends have been on different occasions but it was never a time I was able to go or could afford to go. This has just made me want to go even more haha!


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