Escape the City Heat

This summer has been a weird one. I don’t think it applies just to Berlin, but a lot of the Northern Hemisphere. One day it is HOT. It’s 30 degrees, humid, and the sun is just beating down. Then the next day, it’s somehow October and we are bundling up in sweaters, scarves, and jackets. On the days that it is gorgeous though, it is so nice to escape the heat in Berlin (and the tourists) and head out to one of the many lakes.  Each time, there is a weekend free (and it’s nice out), I am finding new lakes to visit. One of my favourites is Müggelsee, just east of Berlin.

Fun fact about this lake: it is super easy to get to from Berlin. Simply one S-bahn train and then a tram. Perhaps 40 minutes from my house, max. Another fun fact: due to miscommunication, unfortunate translations, and not reading signs correctly, it took my friends and I three hours to get here. Ahhh the adventures. However, after taking a train, a bus, a long walk, a FERRY (don’t ask me how we managed to take a ferry, we just did–most expensive and shortest ferry ride of our lives), and then a tram, we made it to the lake.

Sand-filled beaches border the lake with people playing beach volleyball, frisbee, and sun bathing. Water fairly warm and you can walk out forever it feels like. Barely any tourists around (am I tourist? Probably in their eyes yes…but I live here now too…so let’s say no?)

So even though one day I am bundling up and trying to find winter clothes, the next sunny day I am here. Müggelsee, it’s a little piece of summer paradise.

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