Remember That Time When…

Remember that time when… – such a statement that will probably ensure laughs when talking with friends. A statement that might make you cringe or it might make you think fondly of something. A couple of weeks ago in Prague, my friend and I were looking up things to do at night that weren’t in the usual tourist area. We wanted to go somewhere where only locals were, something that was authentically Czech. So after a bit of research we found a bar, a little bit outside of the tourist area, that locals had raved about. It was a bar on a boat on the Vltava river. We thought that it sounded great, get to party on the river, be surrounded by fresh air and open water, and really experience Czech nightlife.

As we walked up the bar, we felt a bit uncertain. The boat looked a little worse for wear, it was fairly dark, and didn’t seem that busy. We decided to go in for one and then decide from there if we would stay or leave. As we approached the door, an older bouncer glared at us- as if we had rudely interrupted his evening. He barked out a cover charge to us and as we paid, he grudgingly let us in. All eyes were on us instantly. Granted there was only 8 people in there, but as we weren’t locals (and I really had the feeling this crowd was quite regular), everyone seemed to stare us down. We approached the bar, bought a plastic cup full of beer and proceeded to a table near the dance floor. As cigarettes filled the ‘fresh’ air with smoke, we looked around at our fellow drinkers. It seemed like everyone was just in a mood to drink and forget the week; no one looked overall happy to be there.

Looking at my friends, I thought to myself  this could end up being like the movie Taken. Then, as if they read my mind, they stated that this could be a new intro scene to the movie Taken. The boat would somehow become unhooked from the dock and we would be gone. Quickly, we finished our drinks and decided to leave the boat-bar. As soon as we were outside, we breathed a sigh of relief and then laughed.

“Remember that time when M. almost got us taken in Prague?”


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