The “Sweet” Life – European Desserts

I am pretty sure I made it my goal to work out more once I arrived in Germany, have a healthier lifestyle, eat more veggies,etc …and I have done a decent job of it, I swear. Yet, there is the constant temptation of desserts here. It is not just your average ice cream after dinner. It is so much more than that. It is another glass of full-bodied Spanish wine, a delicate, French-inspired salted caramel macaroons, creamy coconut gelato, or to-die-for lavender chocolate.

And here I am, trying to resist these delicious treats. It doesn’t seem quite right. So maybe for now, instead of resisting the temptation, I will just indulge. Just until I get fully settled in this country anyways…

Here are a few of my favourite places and treats, but if you have any suggestions of places to try or things to eat, please let me know!

Lavender, Rose, and Earl Grey Chocolate

Lavender, Rose, and Earl Grey Chocolate


Gut & Gerne Chocolate Shop in Dusseldorf

Gut & Gerne Chocolate Shop in Dusseldorf

Strawberry Flavoured 'Snowball'

Strawberry Flavoured Schneeballen *Snowball* from Wernigerode

The best way I can describe this is a pie crust, rolled into a ball, with a strawberry cream center and an outer strawberry coating.

Macaroons and Coffee

Macaroons and Coffee at Makroenchen Manufaktur in Charlottenburg

Lavender and Cosmopolitan macaroons…with a cup of earthy coffee…perfect Saturday combination.


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