Searching for Nature in Berlin

Moving from the sleepy, quiet town on the Sunshine Coast ( a whopping population of 4000 people) to the big city of Berlin had me thinking about the outdoors. For anyone that knows me, you would know that I am a big fan of nature. You can easily find me hiking in the mountains or kayaking on the ocean. So what made me decide to pick Berlin? A sprawling metropolis and the capital and cultural centre of Germany? It is quite different from anything that I am used to. But I made it my goal this week to find some nature in Berlin.

An elderly gentlemen enjoying the park with his dog

An elderly gentlemen enjoying the park with his dog

This week has been gorgeous; it couldn’t have been a better week to pick up my life and move across the world. The sun has been shining, the sky is clear, and it’s been a comfortable 20-25 degrees. So I decided to actively scout out parks, lakes, rivers, you name it. Somewhere that I can feel calm and relaxed even amongst the chaos of the city. And I found hidden gems in this city! Close to my place in Charlottenberg, I found Lietzensee lake. Perfect for a couple kilometres run (not so great for swimming though). I’m trying to get myself back into running shape and considering this trail is close to my house, I’ve made it my goal to go here at least a couple of times a week.

Canoeing in Tiergarten

Canoeing in Tiergarten

Then of course, there is Tiergarten. This lovely park, Tiergarten, is Vancouver’s version of Stanley Park or New York’s Central Park. I have spent a few days here either going for a morning jog, reading my book, or just walking around. It’s surprising how that even in the middle of Berlin, I hear nothing except for birds chirping; see nothing except smiling faces, and feel nothing except pure relaxation.

So yes, it has been only a week and I am sure there is many more parks and lakes to discover. And in due time, I will find them. But for now, this little Canadian girl is pretty excited that she found some nature in Berlin.



Do you have any other suggestions for outdoors in or near Berlin?

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4 Comments on Searching for Nature in Berlin

  1. Oh yes, I have 🙂
    I hike a lot around Berlin and I try to document all of my hikes. Look at

  2. These pictures are stunning! Good luck on your new journey.


    Tamara –

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