Thinking of Living Abroad? Me too.

Over the past eight years I have played with the idea of living abroad. At first, it was when I was travelling in Australia. I had some good friends that felt like family and I looked at transferring my schooling to the land down under, but with the cost of foreign tuition, I returned to Canada. A few years later, I was just completing my university degree and thought “Why not leave for a couple of years?”, but a relationship held me back. Fast forward a few more years, I was almost ready to take the plunge into South America when a really good job opportunity popped up. These weren’t bad choices to stay in Canada, they really weren’t. I finished my education, I made good friends, I learnt what love was, I studied new languages, and grew in my career. Yet, there was something lacking. It was that nagging feeling that I was missing something.

I tried to fill the void with travel. I headed south to Belize, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. I travelled across the world and below the equator in search for adventure in South Africa, yet I still felt like something was lacking. Then it came to me. I was depriving myself of one of my goals for nearly a decade. Why wasn’t I fulfilling my dream to live abroad? I have great job but I have no kids, no husband, no mortgage. And when I thought about it, I have roughly 30-40 years of my life left to work… and as hard as it is to give up a career in a location I love, the experience to live and work abroad out-weighed the positives of staying here.

So I have decided to move abroad. Where to? When? You’ll find out soon.

Have you ever lived abroad? Or wanted to?

About Kait C (88 Articles)
I'm working on see the entire world, one country at a time…31 down, 165 to go. Currently in Berlin.

6 Comments on Thinking of Living Abroad? Me too.

  1. Good luck with the move. Hope you gain all the experiences you dream of…and some.

  2. Are you thinking of moving back to SA?? We have been here for around nine months and love it!

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