Keep It Local – Travels For When You Can’t Really Get Away

As much as we all like to escape the everyday life and run off to somewhere exotic, we can’t. Sometimes work is just too hectic, family life is busy, you’re involved in sports and other activities, and who knows what else. And sometimes the foreign exchange rate just really sucks. The States are a mere hour from me, but the thought of paying an extra 30-40% for everything is just something I cannot do. So instead, I try to keep it local. There is a reason why other nationalities come to Canada: it is a pretty great place to explore! So my goal for the past few months have been to try to experience Canada as a traveler. Here is a peak of some of the Canadian adventures!

Vancouver Street Food Festival

Put on in January in downtown Vancouver. Street food vendors galore! Easily the best place to find a good grilled cheese sandwich.

Vancouver Street Food

Sunpeaks Ski Resort

While attending university in Kamloops, I used to spend a fair deal of time up at Sunpeaks. And just a few weeks ago, I went back for another visit. Pros of this hill? Cheap lift tickets (compared to other major ski resorts), tons of open, vacant trails, and barely any wait time at the lifts!

IMG_20160228_151403 1

Sunshine Coast

Hiking, camping, kayaking, and a cute little beer farm.

Secret Suspension Bridge

Mt. Elphinstone



Lazy rivers to float down in the summer, tons of trails for hiking and biking, and hidden gems like this limestone pillar in the middle of the woods.

Limestone Pillar



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