Documenting Your Travels: Keep a Journal

By far one of the best habits I started was journal writing. I don’t write while I am at home, but the second I step on a plane, my journal is open and I have a pen in my hand. Over the years I have filled countless journals. There is something real about putting a pen to paper and documenting what I have seen and experienced.

Once you start travel writing, you will start to approach everything with a writer’s eye. You will remember things with more detail; the flavours, the colours, the experience. Even though it’s easy to get sidetracked when you’re having fun and meeting new people, it’s somewhat smoothing to sit down in a hotel somewhere, a corner bar, or a beach, wherever and just write down everything you have done.

And the best part? Looking back years later on your journals. As much as I wish I had a perfect memory, I don’t. And as the years go back, I forgot the names of people I met in New Zealand, or the “most amazing dish” I tried in Argentina, or all the sights I saw in Italy. Yet, when I open my journal and read an entry, the memories come flooding back. And I like the idea that in sixty years, my grandkids could be reading my journals. I had the chance to read through my grandfather’s journals and  it made me feel more connected to him. My advice to you is to document your travels. You might think “This is the best moment ever, I will never forget it”, but unfortunately over time, it can happen.

So document your journeys the old-fashion way! As much as Instagram or blogs are great at documenting your life, journals are the way to go.


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2 Comments on Documenting Your Travels: Keep a Journal

  1. I filled a whole journal during my last trip and I’m so excited that I have all those memories to go back and read about. I agree with you about swearing to remember moments but forgetting them. I didn’t write in my journal during my trip through Europe and I seriously regret it. I remember general things but not the little details.

    • It’s crazy how much you can forget! My sister will say “do you remember….” and I just draw a blank. Then as soon as I open my journal, it’s like “oh right! She wasn’t making that up!”

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