10 Beautiful Destinations To Soak Up The Sun

Seychelles Photo by Jean-Marie Hullot via Flickr

In search of that perfect beach to string up your hammock?

As the days become shorter and the weather gets colder, we start dreaming about sunny destinations. Somewhere we can kick back, relax, get a tan, and nap on a beach. Here are 10 sunny destinations to soak up the sun this winter.

Caye Caulker, Belize

A small island located off the coast of Belize in the Caribbean sea. No cars, no shoes — just calm waters, sunshine, and great areas to explore via snorkelling and diving.



The Corn Islands, Nicaragua

Big Corn and Little Corn Islands are situated off the coast of Nicaragua, out in the Caribbean Sea. Big Corn is beautiful although can be hectic, with roads, an airport, and more people. Little Corn is quiet and filled with paths that lead you to various beaches on the island.



Maui, Hawaii

Dark blue waters, lush green forests, and black sand beaches. Drive the road to Hana, stop off at waterfalls, and sink your toes into a black sand beach.


Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Rum filled coconuts, cold Brahma beers, and endless beaches. This city has it all: beautiful beaches, good food, cold drinks, and lively music.


Railay, Thailand

Not just a pretty beach–this place is a jungle gym for rock climbing fanatics. Go climb a rock then take a swim in the idyllic waters.



Cancun, Mexico

It’s the North American typical hotspot to go, but people love it.

Cancun Beachfront
Photo by Ricardo Diaz via Flickr


Rainbow Beach, Australia

Located in Queensland, this beach has white sands, warm waters, and is close to the fun, well-traversed Fraser Island.

Rainbow Beach, Australia
Photo by Texaus1 via Flickr

Myrtos, Greece

Staggering colourful landscapes and white pebble beaches

Myrtos, Greece
Photo by Tony Hisgett via Flickr


Bamboo Island, Cambodia

It’s quite an effort to get here, involving planes, trains, buses, and boats. But once you finally arrive, you are immediately at peace. Say good-bye to all modern communications, sit down on your beach hut patio, and watch the days pass.

Bamboo Island, Cambodia

Bamboo Island, Cambodia

The Seychelles

Not the cheapest destination, nor the easiest to get to…but well worth the travel

Photo by Jean-Marie Hullot via Flickr

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2 Comments on 10 Beautiful Destinations To Soak Up The Sun

  1. I just added a bunch of new places to my traveling bucket list!

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