Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Travelling Solo

You shouldn’t be afraid of travelling solo. Travelling solo can have it’s ups and it’s downs and I would be lying if I said I like being by myself all of the time, but I do enjoy it for some trips. People say that travelling solo is brave, but I don’t think it is. When you are in your home country, you do a lot of solo things and people don’t call you brave then. Things such as going to the grocery store, eating at a new restaurant, driving your car, etc. The only difference with travel is that perhaps you are on a plane instead of in your car, in a different country, or maybe the language is different. Overall though, you are still going about your day, wherever you are.

Kindness of Strangers

Maybe because I don’t look threatening (I hope) or maybe I look confused, but the minute you start looking confused or uncertain, usually someone approaches and asks if they can help you. This usually happens at transportation stations, where I am trying to sort out bus/train tickets. With the help of strangers, I have managed to catch the right transits, catch connections, and have had some good conversations. You still need to be aware of scammers, but trust your instincts and you will be fine.

Go on Your Time

It sounds a bit selfish, but it’s great when I can make all the decisions. I can choose to skip certain cities, sights, tourist attractions or and I can go somewhere or do something on my own time. Tours are  fun for meeting people and you do get to see a lot, but there are some days when you just want to relax. Perhaps hang out in a park or a have a nap. If you’re by yourself, you got all the time in the world.

You Will Meet People

In fact, you will meet fabulous friends. Friends who understand your passion for travelling, who are intrigued about where you came from and where you are going, and who will instantly become a life long friend. Doing things that interest you will guarantee that you will meet people who will become life-long connections.  (This is looking at you my Aussie and English friends!)

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3 Comments on Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Travelling Solo

  1. Tamsyn Porter // September 3, 2015 at 6:52 am // Reply

    Hi. I am a TOTAL newb at travelling alone. I find that the kindness of strangers is such a blessing when you are on your own and feeling awkward and a complete Muppet for not knowing what all best ways of doing things are. I having an amazing experience in Cape Town at the moment. People I ask about where to go and what to do are very helpful.. even when I show my ignorance and get a bit lost or stuck. Most people will help you if you ask them. I am writing a bit about my new experiences here. Thanks for the advice. It’s helpful xxx

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