Diving Head First Into a Canyon

Every have those days when your confidence is at an all-time high, nothing fears you, and you are excited by every challenge? I had one of those days not too long ago in the charming town of Queenstown, New Zealand. Located on the South Island, this little town boasts adventure sports. If you can think of it, it is probably there: backcountry skiing, paragliding, mountain biking, and bungy jumping to name a few.

One morning a friend and I had boarded a bus up the mountain side to the famous Nevis Bungy, a platform suspended by high wire over the Nevis canyon and the 3rd highest bungy in the world (at the time of jump) . Hopping aboard a little trolley, with the wind slightly blowing, we made our way out over the canyon to the suspended platform.

Putting on a harness, some ankle restraints, and checking the cords, my confidence starts to wane but I am no less determined to feel the anticipated adrenaline rush. Slowly, I shuffled out to edge of the platform. Slightly holding on to the attendants arm, he counts down from 3 and head first I dive into the canyon. Falling over 400 feet in 8 seconds, the river below is quickly becoming closer and then ever so slightly, the cord retracts and I am floating up through the air and falling again. After a few rises and falls, I am hanging upside down. I reach up and release a strap, causing myself to be right side up. Looking around, I have panoramic views of the mountains and canyons. Gradually, the attendant reels in the cord and within a couple of minutes I am safely back inside the platform, grinning like a kid in a candy shop.

The view looking down from the platform

The view looking down from the platform

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