Take a Break from Life & Go to Little Corn Island

When life begins to wear you down and all you need is a break. Somewhere where e-mails don’t exist, phones don’t ring, and people don’t knock on your door.

1. Pack your bags -bikini, shorts, sundresses, sandals, and sunglasses


2. Book a flight from your closest international airport to Managua ->try to arrive in Nicaragua in the early morning

3. Catch the next flight out to Big Corn Island

4. Get the first friendly taxi driver you see at the airport to drive you to the docks (there will be lots!)

5. Hop on board a panga for a ‘thrilling’ 40 minute to Little Corn Island (side note: by ‘thrilling’ I mean be prepared to get soaked, sick, or completely tossed around–scariest ride of my life)

6. Arrive on Little Corn, throw down your bags, and have a drink.

Now that you made it, what should you do?

RELAX! Do whatever your little heart desires.

Grab a towel and walk the coastline until you find a secluded spot. Head to the north of this island for beautiful beaches, calmer waters, and some privacy.

Visit Tranquilo Cafe for happy hour and catch a beautiful sunset. (You will stay longer than just happy hour. This bar is pretty great)

Stretch your body and soul in some yoga. Head over to Little Corn B&B on the east side of the island and join a yoga class with Jacqueline at Firefly Yoga & Massage. Yoga is held in an airy studio in the jungle, just meters off the Caribbean sea.

Firefly Yoga

Join in on a PADI certified dive around the island or hop aboard a snorkelling trip.

If someone named Darinia offers to cook you dinner in her home, go! She is an amazing cook, very friendly, and her home cooked meals are delicious.

And lastly, cancel your flight home. You are never going to want to leave this little piece of paradise.


Little Corn Island Beach

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5 Comments on Take a Break from Life & Go to Little Corn Island

  1. Shared this article on the Corn Island Vacations FB page 🙂

  2. Buenas! Encontré este blog através de google y me parece que está muy bien, lo he agregado a favoritos y volveré
    asiduamente a leer lo que escribais

  3. This is definitely on my bucket list of places to visit in Nicaragua before I finish my Peace Corps service. Awesome pictures!

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