What Are Your Summer Travel Plans?

Have you thought about what you want to do this summer? Are you heading out of the country or going to explore your own backyard? If you are going to enjoy the Canadian summer, here are a few places to consider visiting:

1. The Okanagan – If you enjoy a rich red or a crisp white, head over to wine country. Warm weather, beautiful views, and a full glass…what else could you ask for?

2. Sunshine Coast – Get away from the hustle and bustle of Vancouver and enjoy the relaxed lifestyle of the coast. Kayak in inlets, hike in the mountains, and still make it back to the ocean for a beautiful sunset dinner.

3. Penticton – If you are in the mood for a party, go wild at Boonstock on August Long Weekend.

4. Vancouver Island – Learn to surf in B.C.’s very own surfing capital, Tofino.

5. Jasper National Park – Take your mountain bike over to the hills and hit the trails.

6. Canmore – Nestled high up Grotto Mountain, go caving and explore Rat’s Nest Cave.



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9 Comments on What Are Your Summer Travel Plans?

  1. All of those places sound incredible. I’m from Europe so I’m heading to Madrid & Budapest in 2/3 weeks for a few days, then I’ll be starting an internship before I move to Australia in October!

  2. Don’t forget BC’s North Coast and Haida Gwaii. Amazing travel destinations!

    • So true Sam! Those are definitely on my list too 🙂

    • Jane Makena // May 27, 2014 at 11:03 pm // Reply

      Yes I love Haida Gwaii! I did my nursing preceptorship 6 years ago in Masset! We went crabbing one morning after a night shift, so cool. Huge beautiful trees, amazing island, wish I could have explored more……next time!

      • Awesome!!!! Way to take advantage of all the island has to offer, Jane. Love the idea of making your Haida vacay a balance between life and work. As the first xiin ha’daa would have wanted.

  3. It all sounds amazing 🙂 I’m heading to a ton of festivals this summer while I save for travelling next year – can’t wait after finishing my first festival this weekend – got a taste for them again now 🙂 what are you doing over the summer?

    • You’ll have so much fun at the festivals this summer, it seems like there is one every week! This summer I am going to be doing a lot of hiking and kayaking on the coast, okanagan, and possibly the states!

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  1. What Are Your Summer Travel Plans?

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